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-All people are striving for meaning, at different levels, and sometimes we need help to grow. ​


-We all have meaning and value, the ability for self-awareness, and the right to autonomy. ​

-All people strive for authenticity in relationships and life.

-We are all self-determining, although some of us may not yet be aware of this, and we are all serching for purpose which takes on different forms depending on our circumstances and stage of growth.

- No individual is static in growth, each step on our individual journey allows for continuous reaching and becoming towards authenticity and self actualization.

-Each person is a totality of body, emotions, thoughts, sensations,and perceptions that has led them to develop to their present state through unique experiences and understandings.

-All people are more content when they feel worth and love: this is an inate human condition. 

-Others can and do have the ability to wound us deeply and strongly. 

-Deep hurts that emotionally wound and scar can have an impact on present and past reactions, behaviors and actions.

-Holding onto hurts wounds self and can lead to bitterness and unhappiness in all areas of our lives.

-Forgiveness is hard and involves the feeling of loss of control. It is also misconstrued with acceptance and people often need help to differentiate between the two.

-Acceptance is a deep rooted human condition and rejection can wound spirit significantly.

-Forgiving oneself is one of the greatest gifts we can give: the actions of the past are what we did not who we are; they should not define us, govern us, or weigh us down.

-Everyone becomes stuck at times and evalluating behaviors, reactions, patterns and areas we don't particularly like about ourselves can lead to new ways of thinking, behaving, responding and being.

-We are strongly shaped by experience, learning and

socio-cultural conditioning.

-We all want to be valued for who we are not just who we project to be.

-Learning to be content with our life, circumstances and/or situations can and will lead to inner peace.

-Always doing what leads to greater love leads to inner-contentment in whatever choices you make.

-You have no control over someone else, no matter what your relationship, but you have control over yourself, your reactions, your behaviors and your thoughts.

-We all need to take responsibility for our own lives and our own choices.

-Every struggle, every question and every experience is an opportunity to step toward individual change, growth, awareness, healing and greater understanding.

-There is never a point when it is too late to change or grow.

-Anything is possible if you believe it enough, want it enough and are willing to work towards it.

Clarity Quest counselling style is based on the following beliefs:

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