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There are so many different approaches to counselling and you alone can decide which one will work best for you. Everyone has their own life experiences, values, philosophies, world views, beliefs and knowledge - so we all have our own unique way of seeing the world based on all of these things and they in turn influence how we approach, view, and deal with people, circumstances, and events in our lives. Each person entering the counselling relationship brings each of these unique individual ways of seeing, perceiving, understanding, and dealing with life. Because we are all so different in all of these things we believe it is very important for the counsellor to bring different skills, approaches, interventions and understandings to each client depending on presenting problems, personalities, and situations. I believe in attending to the whole person- cognitive, emotional and behavioral concerns - attuning to each clients individual needs and concerns. That being said- flexibility and creativity are also part of the counselling process at Clarity Quest as each person, each concern, and each heart are completely unique. The most important thing is for you to decide if you feel safe, comfortable and supported within the client/counsellor relationship. The goal is to help you bring peace, healing and acceptance back into your life.



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