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You Are Not Alone!

You may not know of someone who is going through what you are- but there are millions of spouses, parents, siblings, significant others, friends, etc. that are loving and dealing with a loved one who is abusing every day. You are not alone in your frustration, your fear, your anger, your anxiety, your guilt, your depression, your shame, your confusion, your hopelessness or in your desperation.

I Don't Understand What's Going On!

A loved one's addiction and/or substance use is terrifying and hard to understand. Together we can explore what is going on in your own life and in the life of your loved one. Together we can work towards an understanding that can bring clarity back into your life.

My World Has Fallen Apart!

Yes. The world as you know it has altered and changed. The good news is that there are tools to help and ways to put it back together again. Together we can take steps towards this goal.

Why Is This Happenning To Me?

It is happening to you and you seem to have no say about what is going on. Together we can look at why this is happening and search for ways to understand and cope with what is occurring in your life.

Why Are They Acting This Way?

Together we can explore the nature of addiction and abuse. We can build a better understanding of what and why this is occurring which can offer you clarity, understanding and tools to cope.

What Can I Do?

There are things that you can do. You can have peace back, learn ways to gain control and serenity in your life. Together we will work on taking charge of your own life.


​​Finding Clarity and Solutions​

There is so much focused help for addicts and substance abusers but little focused help for those whose lives they are affecting. 

Clarity Quest is dedicated to helping those who are walking this difficult path.


How Do I Cope

When I Love Someone Who Has

Substance USe Issues?

Together We Can

Together We Will

Clarity Quest Counselling is here to help you if:


-your own dreams, foundations, beliefs and security have been knocked off their foundations through someone elses actions and/or substance use.

-you are experiencing feelings of

bewilderment ​​, disorientation, confusion, depletion, loss of control, agony and/or embarrasment due to someone esle's substance use issues and do not know what to do.

-you are looking for clarity about what is going on in your own life and the life of the person you love.

- you are seeking ways to stand on solid ground when it appears that everything is crumbling around you because of someone else's actions and substance use.

-your life has been significantly affected by another's use of alcohol and/or drugs.

- your life is focused on protecting, rescuing, solving or relieving the person or problems that are centered around and created by the abuse and use of substances. 

By sharing your journey with you and adressing the mind, body, heart and spirit aspects of what is going on in your life we can work together towards bringing peace, hope, healing and acceptance back into your life.

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